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Fort Knox of partes

Your customer's websites are making you vulnerable. Get back in charge with Patchman.
Automatic Protection

Automated vulnerability patching and malware removal.

Hosting providers suffer on a daily basis from the consequences of the many security vulnerabilities found in commonly used CMS's such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

Patchman detects these vulnerabilities and is able to safely patch them without assistance from your customer. Because of our unique approach, you can also be rest assured that websites will continue to function properly.

On compromised hosting accounts, Patchman detects uploaded malware and automatically quarantines it for you.

Customer Coaching

We believe that educating your customers is an important aspect to security.

Patchman makes it easy to set up automatic workflows to inform your customers of security incidents. For example, you could setup the following workflow:

  • On detection of a vulnerability, warn customer and educate how to resolve the issue.
  • After 2 days, if still unresolved, remind customer.
  • After 3 days, if still unresolved, automatically patch vulnerability and inform customer.
Start in 60 Seconds

Patchman was built with hosting providers specifically in mind.

It literally takes 60 seconds to start scanning for vulnerabilities and malware. Here's a few more examples of how we will make your life a lot easier:

  • RPM and DEB packages for easy and standardized maintenance.
  • Scanning process optimized to be incredibly fast, light weight and distributed in larger environments.
  • Easy configuration and maintenance through web application.

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