At the same time, men and women social media profiles are extremely a patio for males to help you pick second wives also

At the same time, men and women social media profiles are extremely a patio for males to help you pick second wives also

More over, in lieu of regarding West, teenagers are mostly financially determined by their moms and dads up to its very early thirties if you don’t forties, traditions in the their parent’s house, and achieving their weddings and you can university studies financed from the its moms and dads

Particular Uzbeks wed owners out of different countries ( step one,900 of overall 233,0 was basically between customers out of Uzbekistan or other nationalities), but not, only some of them is inter-cultural marriage ceremonies. Uzbeks, especially dudes, even in the event it relocate to various countries, look for an enthusiastic Uzbek mate convinced that they generate a very obedient spouse. In the united states, where you will find around sixty,000 Uzbekistanis , the brand new “ Sovchilar America ” Telegram route provides nearly fifteen,000 players one blog post potential bride to be/groom users. You to huge difference occurs when feminine submit its profiles, they often were an additional unit of data one claims qiz bola (girl), a term in your community useful virgin girls. Uzbek community worships love society, actually beyond your nation, but it is a good way just – girls should remain virgins until ilies, boys commonly stored with the exact same basic.

These are often guys within thirties and you will forties who need an early on wife, 18 and you will significantly more than – given that age concur getting sex are 16 within the Uzbekistan, the official matrimony many years try 18 and you will a lot more than

Polygyny are unlawful inside Uzbekistan and is punishable by the fines or imprisonment, but really few the male is charged because of it as no one data files an official grievance. Sovchilik uz , an internet dating Telegram webpage, will bring an assistance upload possible groom and bride pages for $1.5-$seven on the four more Telegram profiles. In just one of men and women pages, SOVCHILIK UZ which have almost 140,000 readers, we counted 714 users printed inside and found that 25 % (133 profiles) was indeed men finding an additional partner. Next marriage ceremonies usually are carried out in miracle, with no expertise in the first spouses of partner’s household members, generally and come up with next spouses halal mistresses.

In the Uzbek people, just the married was addressed due to the fact complete grownups and you will marriage was advised regarding an early age, whether or not for many female it’s a kind of curse. Matchmaking and you can establish marriage ceremonies where teenagers (more often than not) dont determine which they want to spend remainder of its lives that have imply that couples learn each other only following the matrimony. In the past, both males and females was basically motivated to learn how to tolerate per other since breakup try mainly frowned-upon, however, you to development has evolved. The fresh divorce rate more than doubled for the past so you can almost forty,000 when you look at the 2021. In a beneficial 2021 questionnaire Ijtimoiy Fikr , Public View, 41 percent regarding members expressed a lack of common understanding because the an underlying cause for issues from inside the families.

To possess partners, exactly who found each other a few months ahead of relationship, skills each other is difficult. Predicated on a survey presented in five regions of Uzbekistan and you may Karakalpakstan over 5 years, search institute Mahalla and Family members found that 30 percent out of divorces was due to normal disagreements ranging from partners and you can not enough common love, when you are a special 21 percent had been considering disturbance out-of almost every other members of the family players into couples’ lives. Having splitting up a very acknowledged and you can accessible choice, discover reduced determination to work through issues; but female, more than dudes, are faced with stigma and challenges immediately following as divorced. Divorced dudes discover a different, younger partner; a separated woman cannot feel a virgin once again.

The old generation out-of Uzbek people however refute that relationship and you will relationship plans are not working out as in for the past. Its prejudiced method when it comes to ethnicity, area, and other socio-monetary details in finding a perfect fits plus worsens the situation. The new young people, but not, are far too scared to show one disrespect on the moms and dads with regards to old-fashioned and you can spiritual upbringing. It indicates parents keep extreme control over the fresh new destinies of the youngsters – and the ones destinies are often envisioned with a certain types of matches in mind.

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